"SONGTEXTE vermarkten" mit Tobias Reitz

  • How do song lyrics get to the people who can turn them into publications and thus into money?
  • Who are the right contacts for lyricists and who are the wrong ones?
  • What does the job description of third-party authors look like?
  • What is a label responsible for, what is a management responsible for, and what is a publisher responsible for?
  • And what role does GEMA play in all of this?

Tobias Reitz, lyricist, producer, book author and lecturer, will shed light on these and other topics in this new GEMA webinar. After a detailed introduction to the industry, there will be the opportunity to ask specific questions and contribute your own industry knowledge.


* This webinar is held in German. 


About Tobias Reitz

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Tobias Reitz (born 1979) studied German and media studies and graduated from the Celle School in 2001, the only German master class for songwriters. Today he runs it together with Edith Jeske and teaches at the Popkurs Hamburg and the Nordkolleg Rendsburg, among others. With around 1200 song releases, he is one of Germany's most productive and successful lyricists. He also worked for Sony Music as a content editor and promoter, wrote television, press and stage lyrics as well as the Handbook for Songwriters (with Edith Jeske), is a founding member of the Düsseldorf improvisation theater Phönixallee, deputy president of the German Lyricists Association, a member of the supervisory board of GEMA, a member of the Academy of German Music Authors and a shareholder of the independent label Taxi28 Musik.

More at: www.tobias-reitz.de

  • approx. 1200 title releases
  • 15 gold, platinum and diamond awards
  • Fred Jay Award 2020
  • Most successful lyricist of the German radio hit parades 2016/2017/2018
  • smago! Award 2013 as lyricist of the year
  • Nomination for the German Music Authors Award 2011/2016
  • Co-author of the handbook for songwriters (with Edith Jeske)
  • over 5000 chart weeks in D/CH/A/NL/BE/DK/FR etc.
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