Use of monitoring in television and TV advertising


Monitoring technologies are increasingly being used in the creation of music usage reports on television. We would like to give you background information and insights into the monitoring process.

We will also introduce you to the GEMA Soundfile Upload Service. With this service you can upload the soundfiles for your works at a central location and support the process of music detection. We will present the following topics:

  • How does monitoring work?
  • Monitoring process with focus on ARD/ZDF and monitoring of GEMA in TV advertising
  • Interaction between monitoring service provider, production company, broadcaster and GEMA
  • Procedure of the soundfile upload and overview of some functions
  • Requirements for the quality of soundfiles (What and in which form do I have to upload?)                                               

Speakers: Jens Kindermann (Head of Products Department) and Marc Grittke (Head of Music Reporting Support Department)


* The webinar will be held in English. 

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