"Social Media & Synch Rights" mit Verena Bößmann


Nowadays, music finds its place in the most diverse formats and on various social media platforms - often also in connection with video. In this webinar, Verena Bößmann provides information about the various uses of music and sync rights in social media.

Verena Bößmann sheds light on how music in social media can achieve greater added value than "just more reach", which basics are important for this and which mechanisms hold little stumbling blocks for music exploitation.



  • Basics of Social Media and Music 
  • Where and how do sync uses arise in social networks?
  • Compensation models for music usage in social media
  • Music usage on the platforms Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat


* This webinar is held in German. 


About Verena Bößmann

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Verena Bößmann is co-owner of Dunstan Music / Dunstan Media House. In 2011, while still successfully studying "Media Management" with a specialization in music management, she founded Dunstan Music together with Nicolaj Gruzdov. Her experience is based on years of working in various label, publishing and management projects and collaborations in the music industry. Her daily business includes cross-media music marketing (focus on social media marketing) as well as music publishing and label work. In addition, Verena Bößmann regularly holds seminars at various international universities and educational institutions.