"Songtexte Feedback-Session" mit Ilona Boraud


Who wants feedback on their song lyrics from a professional lyricist?

  • Are my song lyrics good?
  • Does it achieve the desired effect?
  • What could I do better?

In this song lyric feedback session it goes straight into practice!

All participants have the opportunity to submit their (German or English) lyrics until 04.10.2022. Some of them will be selected for the feedback session and discussed there (anonymously).

This is not only helpful for the text creators themselves. Experience has shown that the other participants can also take away a lot for their own work from the feedback.


* This webinar will be held in German.


About Ilona Boraud

© Sarah Winter, meinLICHTSPIEL

Ilona Boraud writes song lyrics for very different genres such as Schlager, Children Songs, Pop, Chanson and Musical Cabaret. Schlager songs with her participation regularly reach the airplay charts in Germany and Austria. Her "Caramellino" videos for children are clicked on millions of times. She has already received several awards for her work. In 2015, she was selected for the Celle School, the only master class for German-language lyricists. But Ilona Boraud is not only in demand as a songwriter. She also regularly passes on her knowledge in songwriting coaching sessions and workshops.