Promoting your music to curators & professionals in 2024 with Dorian Perron | 2024

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120,000 new songs being released every day on Spotify, it has become almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. More and more independent musicians produce high quality tracks and make them available online. It is an understatement to say that luck is never sufficient to make a good song blow up.

Playlists as a way to get your music heard is not a new topic. However, the different kinds of playlists, the incredible data available to every one & most of all the methods which help you place your music on playlists and get your curve of streams over the moon remain very much unknown and unused.

Without any taboo or secret, this workshop organized by Groover will aim at making you an expert on playlists. We take the bet that you will want to apply the methods we’ll expose as soon as the workshop finishes.

This webinar will be held in English.


Das Webinar findet im Rahmen unserer Kooperation mit Groover statt. GEMA Mitglieder erhalten 15 % Rabatt auf eine Promotion-Kampagne pro Quartal. Weitere Informationen zu unserem Partnerangebot erhalten Sie unter diesem Link.


Über Dorian Perron

Dorian Perron is the co-founder of Groover, the web platform which connects artists who want to promote their music with the best media outlets, radios, record labels, curators and industry professionals seeking emerging talents. An innovative web platform on which musicians are ensured their music is going to be listened to, to get feedback guaranteed and coverage. On Groovier, more than 4 million replies have been given by the 2,500+ active music music curators & pros on to the 300,000+ artists signed up, which led to 800,000+ shares and 1,000+ signatures with record labels, publishers, managers and bookers.

Before that, Dorian Perron created the indie music blog Indeflagration in 2013, the Studio Flagrant in 2015 – which hosted more than 40 live sessions with Patrick Watson, Plants & Animals, Asgeir etc. – and organized dozens of shows in Paris.

Aged 29, Dorian Perron has been a speaker at MaMA Festival, M For Montreal, Reeperbahn, Liverpool Sound City, MIL, c/o pop & more.

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